A Child Is Born…

We are so excited you have joined us! For our first blog, we are sharing an incredible testimony from Nadia and Stan Belyy.

Here is their journey in Nadia’s words:

For the past 9 years my husband and I have been praying for a baby. We finally decided to get checked by doctors to see if it was a medical matter.  We then received the result of our tests, we found out that medically we could not have children!

We stepped into a crossroad in our life to either believe God for a miracle, or come to terms that we cannot have children! We started to pray and my husband received a desire, after much research, to participate in a procedure called in-vitro. We prayed on this matter and received peace, so we decided to start the process and believe that God would take care of  this miracle.

It took us 8 months of medication, surgery, harvesting of eggs, testing of embryos, blood work and a whole lot of faith! After these 8 months of waiting, we were then told that the embryos they were able to transfer happened to be inconclusive (where they didn’t know whether the embryos were good or bad) and they could not guarantee that they will latch on, or even grow!

We continued to trust our mighty God that with Him all things are possible! We believed that God can and will do immeasurably more than we can think or imagine! Fast forward to three months and weekly blood work, we were not only be able to get pregnant but the baby was growing healthy! The pregnancy was such a blessing that it did not not carry nausea, hormonal misbalance, or any form of complications!  Nine months later a healthy, beautiful and much awaited baby girl Skyler was born!

God is so good! Our baby girl is such a joy and blessing to mommy and daddy and all of our family!

When men situations may be impossible, but with God ALL things are possible!

Friends, may this encourage you to never give up no matter how difficult your circumstances may be when we have God on our side who delights in blessing his children!

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